Success Mentoring Programmes

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The two most common ways that our program is used are:

One to one mentoring program over a period of time that suites your needs and required outcomes.

  • There are strategies and models and theories out there…..thousands of them….which one is right?
  • The secret is to uncover your own way of doing and being, your own inner wisdom and knowledge because you and only you are living your life.
  • You and only have have the relationships that you have… How can you make develop them further?
  • Every life is a unique web of relationships and situations… How are you measuring your success?

A 90 day intensive program where you are with Gabrielle 2 days a month in an intimate group.

  • Bigger thinking, clearer thinking.
  • Greater self awareness.
  • More focused thinking.
  • Creates urgency to do more of what ‘juices’ you.
  • Uncovers your strengths, passions and skills.
  • Highlights your shadow and creates strategies to avoid your weaknesses.
  • Raises awareness to your unconscious strategies/patterns around money, success, relationships, health and fitness, body image and enables you to develop more helpful behaviours and ways of thinking.
  • Brand ‘you’ – what is it that makes you that brand that you are.
  • Multiple I’s – which I’s do you bring to the table to achieve your goals and targets?
  • Developing your creativity.
  • Increasing your influence over yourself and and learning how this empowers your influence with others.
  • Raising your accountability.

As a success mentor I will work with you and or your organisation in partnership to clarify were you are, how you’ve got here, where you want to go and how you want to experience your life from now on. We will then uncover and discover  the best way of you achieving the life you desire…NOW!

For more information and bookings click here and enter your details.