Gabrielle Gaché delivers real results

Geoff Greensmith, Head of  IFA Sales1. Inspirational
2. Gabrielle’s exceptional ability to continually ask the right questions enables you to produce the answers for yourself. You already have the solution and her skill is getting it out of you.
3. An excellent coach who is able to put all the theory into practice in an easy to understand way that makes you challenge yourself.

Geoff Greensmith, Head of IFA Sales
Legal & General

In my line of work I find myself making presentations to small and large groups of people. The training I received from Empowering Impact has helped me no end. It gave me the key tips to focus on and then seeing the results on film over a two day period meant that I was able to see the improvement for myself. It really helps you to put yourself in the shoes of the audience. The whole course was presented in a friendly and professional manner and it certainly ranks among the best training I've ever received

Paul Tyso
Consultant Actuary

Louise Beaumont, Head of PropositionsWorking with Gabrielle has been both taxing and useful – taxing in that I have had to think and useful in that I have been spurred to action.

Louise Beaumont, Head of Propositions
Siemens Business Services Ltd

Amanda Hughes, Development ManagerIf you are not ready to solve your challenges, feel great about yourself, and bring about some radical improvements in your life DO NOT contact this coach. Even the terminally negative are not safe with this excellent motivator.

Amanda Hughes, Development Manager
Gala Group Management

Lesley Louise, HR Director Gabrielle has a fantastic ability to reach people and gain their trust. She has given us excellent results with the people she has worked with.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Lesley Louise, HR Director

Sarah CheesbroughGabrielle is a breath of fresh air and energy! With Gabrielle’s inspiration I’ve achieved a level of career development that I would have only dreamed of a year ago and by bringing out the best of my skills and strengths I feel more confident, I’m clearer about my goals and I’m beginning to live a more balanced life.

Sarah Cheesbrough
Department for Communities and Local Government

Gareth ButlerThis was my first experience of coaching and initially I wasn't convinced of what I or the business would get out of it. I'm pleased to say that I've been pleasantly surprised.

The timing of my coaching could not have been better as my career was beginning to go through a very rapid change period with additional responsibilities, increased teams and multiple locations. My coaching sessions have encouraged me to focus on specific underlying issues that have been having an impact on the business. We have looked at different ways of facing challenges and indeed I now view challenges as opportunities for development of myself, others and the business.

On a personal note I have become far more confident in my own ability and I'm now able to adapt to change far more quickly to gain both short term wins and develop longer term strategies with my current teams

Gareth Butler
Director, Business Group Programmes AIS Comm. Div South, AON Limited

Fraser DrummondGabrielle was fantastic!! She has natural grace

Fraser Drummond
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Paul MilesI thought hard about the value of attending the workshop as I felt that I'd probably seen and heard it all before but boy am I glad I attended. If I doubted you I apologise. I'm going to continue to add weight to the convictions I now have. It was excellent! …. I particularly liked the fact that it very much challenged my beliefs, which have been formed over many years, and have not been formed lightly.

Paul Miles
Manager, Nat West

Karen JohanssonGabrielle was born to be a coach! She has a wonderful energy and enthusiasm for bringing out the best in people and as a result the people who have the good fortune of being coached by Gabrielle have tended to achieve beyond even their own expectations. As the sponsor of coaching in our business I have extreme confidence that Gabrielle will support and stretch individuals whilst always being aware of the organisational context. She has coached a range of individuals from high performers to those who need a little more support - the one thing that is always consistent is the positive results achieved by the individual and the excellent feedback from both the coachee and their line manager.

Karen Johansson
Organisational Development Director, Aon Risk Services