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Gabrielle has written or featured in a number of publications. Here are a small selection for your enjoyment.

December, 2010

How Much Dare You Desire?

How many live on the treadmill?….In the rat race?….Doing what needs to be done, what’s expected of them?….What conditioning have you been conforming to on a minutely, daily, weekly, monthly basis…..Christmas….???? presents, lunches, socials???

My mentor when I was a young 20yr old lass said to aim for the stars rather than the treetops…. Where are you aiming?

Where dare you aim? How much dare you desire?

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November 2009

The way you talk and the words you use over and over will limit you or enable you. By getting more mindful and purposeful to the power of words that you use, you can achieve your heart’s desire.

“Words are so simple and yet so powerful… use them wisely.”

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