Do you have Leadership Intelligence?

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Anyone who is leading or aspires to be a leader of themselves, their team, their organization of beyond.

  • Leadership Intelligence (LIQ)Are you in a position of management and leadership through being successful in your past rolls, have you got there without any formal training?
  • Do you find you don’t quite know how you get the results you do, are there any times that it doesn’t work and you would like it to work all the time?
  • Are there people you work with well and others who you find more frustrating?
  • Would you like to influence the influences of your business more easily?

Leadership Intelligence is an opportunity to unpack what it is that makes a great leader. Which elements of your multiple intelligences are you utilising to gain the success you have already gained? What other intelligences are you not yet aware of?

Leadership Intelligence (LIQ) is an ongoing series of events where I bring together forerunners in the arena of Leadership. These proven leaders share their research, insights, experiences and wisdom with you. Whether you are in  a leadership position already or you aspire to be, these days filled with knowledge sharing and education will draw out of you your innate wisdom to be the leader you were born to be. It will equip you with tools, that are rarely taught, in the field of education. These insights have been born from those who have had first hand experience of what it takes to be a leader. Leaders who gain enormous respect and success for themselves and, as importantly, those that they lead.

Leadership intelligence (LIQ) covers your multiple intelligences and a whole lot more!

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