Ways to be engaging and engaged

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Empowering Impact

Empowering Impact is based on established psychological concepts and the latest brain and learning research.

  • If you work in a field that requires communication, influence, presenting, training or learning.
  • If you are under pressure to create more and more change with less and less time and resources.
  • If you are required to have greater influence over internal and external clients and stakeholders.

You need Empowering Impact!

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Success Mentoring Programmes

The two most common ways that our program is used are:

One to one mentoring program over a period of time that suites your needs and outcomes.

  • Learn how to choose the best strategy for you, to enable you to work effectively and leverage your innate strengths.
  • Choose a time frame and structure that suites you and your needs.

A 90 day intensive program where you are with Gabrielle 2 days a month in an intimate group.

  • Focused and dedicated expertise together with a sense of commitment to work as a team to deliver tailored outcomes.
  • Challenge yourself and others as part of a program that builds ongoing relationships.
  • Change your thinking, focus your capabilities and uncover your strengths, understand your brand and the internal corporation that is ‘you’.
  • Increase your influence over yourself and and learn how this empowers your influence with others.

As a success mentor I will work with you and your organisation in partnership to clarify were you are, how you’ve got here, where you want to go and how you want to experience your life from now on. We will then uncover and discover  the best way of you achieving the life you desire… NOW!

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Leadership Intelligence (LIQ)

Anyone who is leading or aspires to be a leader of themselves, their team, their organisation or beyond needs to be able to consistently produce results.

  • Ask yourself – do you know how you achieve your success, and could you teach others to do the same.
  • Do you see results 100% of the time.
  • Is it easy to work with anyone at any time.
  • Would you like to influence the influences of your business more easily.

Leadership Intelligence (LIQ) is an ongoing series of events where I bring together forerunners in the arena of Leadership. These proven leaderss share their research, insights, experiences, and wisdom with you. Learn to gain enormous respect and success for yourself and, as importantly, those you lead.

A leader with intelligence on how they get results can ensure that those results are easier to deliver consistently . Great leaders have this Leadership Intelligence (LIQ).

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Mining for Diamonds

Keynote speeches set the scene.

Keynote speeches bring a common purpose to an event or function. They help all of the participants understand why they are there and what the outcomes can be.

Mining for Diamonds is an example of a keynote theme that will inspire the participants to look for the gems that they already have, and to bring these to the surface. The value of participants is when they understand their own value and how to ensure it is delivered effectively.

The success of my clients is what creates my success. It feeds my passion for mining the diamonds within individuals, which in turn, means I have to dig deeper to mine my own diamonds and gems. I will enable you to mine the diamonds that are within…..within you, within you relationships, within your organisation.

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Power of Words

I created the Power of Words company in 1999. All of the Power of Words interventions with organisations are bespoke to fit the particular needs of each group of individuals.

Many companies have very clear ideas of want they want delivered, “Our people are too busy and can’t deal with the stress of so much to do…give us a time management course” Others, on the other hand, are vague and we assist them to clarify what outcomes and behaviours they want to create in their people. We then work with the sponsors to engage the team and give them the tools to move forward with greater ease and efficiency.

We are constantly working to tap into the human excellence and experience that is within every team.

Although we have some off the shelf courses available, we will endeavour to ensure that you get what will work best by tweaking and/or creating something bespoke, for example:

  • Workshops.
  • 1:1 High Performance Coaching.
  • Coaching the Coach.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Courageous Conversations.
  • Leadership.
  • Sales, Negotiation, Influencing and Persuasion.
  • Thinking Management vs. Time Management.

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