Gabrielle Gaché is passionate about success

I have evolved through the university of life and I have gained my education in the worlds of travel, finance, education, design and entrepreneurship. I set up my company Power of Words in 1999 and now have various associates that work through it. It now runs successfully -internationally/ in UK, Gibraltar and Malta/ Europe wide. I am now moving into the next chapter of my life, as my mummy-duties  diminish, I have the opportunity to do even more of what juices me.

At any one time I have approximately 10 coaching clients and various training courses scheduled. I’m a firm believer in every day being a learning day and study continuously. I love reading, and normally have about four books on the go.

I continuously strive for success and to be the best I can possibly be and do the best I can possibly do – in that order. Success has meant various things throughout my life and now, as a working Mum I play down my role as a business woman as my family are my driving force and motivation.

I am described as being a very positive and energetic individual, I personally see myself as fairly Zen and pragmatic. It is paramount that I live by example and walk my talk. As I have grown and my life has moved on, I want to spend more time with my loved ones and adding even greater value to those I work with.

Gabrielle Gaché – The Success Mentor